Something Different

Let’s face it. When you get right down to it, every party is the same. There’s drinks, snacks and a lot of dancing to great music. If you’ve been to one party, you been to them all. Having a photo booth changes all of that by both creating and capturing unique experiences that would never of happened without it.

Loosen UP

We are always surprised at how people behave once they get in the booth. When you put a stupid hat on someone and put them in front of a camera you give them permission to be ridiculous. When that happens you never know what you are going to get. Someone who is usually shy and reserved may do wacky things you’ve never seen before. Well mannered adults suddenly become kids playing with oversize hats and props guns. Not everyone can dance but everyone can make a silly face.

Captured Keepsakes

The best part of the experience is getting your prints when your are done. That moment of irreverence, that silly face on grandma is there in stunning quality for everyone to see and share. You have crazy moments with lifelong friends, beloved family and that successful photo bomb. You can hang the prints in your office to steal a smile between mundane tasks at work, or you can carry it in your wallet to keep it close.

The Life of the Party

The photo booth is the life of every party. The line for the photo booth is sometimes longer than the line for the bar. As guest choose their props, others see what is going on and they want to join in. Family members are pulled from their seats, friends are pulled off of the dance floor and into the booth. Everyone in the party is certain to visit the photo booth more than once.

 Kids love it.

Looking for your kids during the party? Look no further than the photo booth. You will find your children standing in front of a colorful background, a grin wide on their faces and a stupid hat on their heads. If they are not in the booth they are impatiently waiting their turn or playing with the props. Be prepared to have a stack of prints before the night is out.